The First Time a Bold New Yorker Got Impeached for Taking on the Swamp

Dec 23, 2019

Good morning from Washington on the day before Christmas Eve. As the nation prepares to put aside politics for some love and joy with family and friends, here's a story you can tell about another brash outsider from Manhattan who was impeached. Plus: The Heritage Foundation rebuts Tucker Carlson's smear; impeachment subpoenas that went too far; Sen. Rand Paul reveals the true nature of socialism; and some Yuletide memories and reminders. Morning Bell will be back Thursday. Merry Christmas to you and yours.  

Special Feature
By Fred Lucas

This Manhattanite came to office with a big reform agenda, ready to toss out the old establishment and fight corruption. He asserted: "Political conventions must go." And: "Disgraceful secret alliances between special privileges and crooked politics must cease."
By Rob Bluey

It was incredibly disappointing to hear Tucker Carlson, whom we hold in high regard, mislead his viewers about Heritage's work on the topics of big tech and censorship. Here are the facts.
By Lee Edwards

"The root difference between the conservatives and the liberals of today is that conservatives take account of the whole man, while the liberals tend to look only at the material side of man's nature," wrote Barry Goldwater.
By Paul J. Larkin Jr.

As The Wall Street Journal's editorial board noted: "The same media that howled when the Bush administration gathered metadata to hunt for terrorists is silent when Democrats gather and release it against a conservative journalist and Republicans."
By John Stossel

"You would think that when your economy gets to the point where people are eating their pets," says Paul, referring to Venezuela, "people might have second thoughts about what system they've chosen."
By Virginia Allen

"Problematic Women" dives into the history of feminism and the rise of socialism. Plus: an interview with the founder of Young Americans Against Socialism, Morgan Zegers.
By Lee Edwards

In his 1986 Christmas message, when the Iran-Contra affair had just broken and his presidency was under strong attack, Reagan kept his faith in God. He did not question the motivations of his critics, but turned his cheek.

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