NR Daily: Is America Ready for a ‘Good Jobs for Men’ Plan?

The gender politics of 'industrial policy' could prove toxic.

December 12 2019



Is America Ready for a 'Good Jobs for Men' Plan?

Robert VerBruggen

Because industrial policy generally focuses on manufacturing, it's likely to provide good jobs disproportionately for men. Read More


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Give Me Liberty: The Making of American Exceptionalism

Richard Brookhiser with Luke Thompson

A new, limited episode podcast examining thirteen historical documents and recounting their role in the development of liberty.

A Precarious Position: Ukraine Journal, Part III

Jay Nordlinger

Zelensky is very keen not to be ensnared in the American drama, as is Ukraine itself. Every time Zelensky opens his mouth, on the subject of America, he risks offending someone.

China, U.S. Reach Phase-One Trade Agreement: Report

Tobias Hoonhout

Following months of back-and-forth, U.S. and Chinese negotiators have again reached an agreement on a phase-one trade deal, Bloomberg reported Thursday.


A Most Decisive Election

Madeleine Kearns

In a matter of hours, the fate of Britain and Brexit will be decided as the votes from the U.K.'s general election are counted.

Rubio's Industrial Policy Is Far from Radical

Fred Bauer

One of the important subtexts of Marco Rubio's industrial-policy speech is the intersection of economic structures and geopolitical strategy.

The 'Christian Doomsayers' Are Right

John Hirschauer

Peter Wehner is wrong; the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates really does pose an 'existential threat' to the faithful.

Jillian Michaels Is Right: Political Correctness Is Worsening the Obesity Crisis

Katherine Timpf

To deny the link between obesity and health issues is to deny reality.

Following IG Report, Senate Republicans Plan Major Reforms to FISA Process

Tobias Hoonhout

Senate Republicans suggested they were more open to working on reforms to the FISA court.

What NR Is Reading

The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free

Richard Lowry

“Makes an original and compelling case for nationalism . . . A fascinating, erudite—and much-needed—defense of a hallowed idea unfairly under current attack.” — Victor Davis Hanson


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