6 Big Takeaways From Watchdog’s Testimony Criticizing FBI Probe of Trump Campaign

Dec 12, 2019

Good morning from Washington, where the FBI's investigative lapses on Russia get an airing in the Senate as a Justice Department watchdog details the bureau's missteps in spying on a Trump supporter. Besides highlights of the hearing, we've got a review of the inspector general's findings from three Heritage Foundation legal experts. On the podcast, Rep. Jody Hice talks about the IG's report, impeachment, and unabated government spending. Plus: marriage and children vs. crime, the U.K.'s flirtation with socialism, and the return of our founding "Problematic Women" host. On this date in 1901, Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi sends the first radio transmission across the Atlantic.

By Fred Lucas

Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department's inspector general, says the fact that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for Christopher Steele's work showed that "there was a bias that should have been disclosed to the court."
By Hans von Spakovsky

The Horowitz report exposes 17 flagrant errors, omissions, and misstatements in the four FISA applications related to Carter Page, any one of which is inexcusable.
By Lee Edwards

If the Labour Party wins a majority, its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has promised to move Britain in an openly socialist direction, undoing many of Margaret Thatcher's privatization reforms of the 1980s.
By Daniel Davis

"One of the biggest questions I have back home ... is, 'When are heads going to roll over all this corruption?'" says Rep. Hice
By Star Parker

A new study finds that "pregnancy triggers sharp declines in crime rivaling any known intervention."
By Virginia Allen

Kelsey Bolar shares her experience as a first-time NICU mother, how it has affected her pro-life views, and what this new season of motherhood has taught her.
By Tiffany Davidson

My 17-year-old son compared his vaping behavior to that of a heroin addict, resorting to desperately heating empty marijuana cartridges with a lighter to eke out the last bit of noxious vapor.

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