NR Daily: Portrait of a Lady on Fire Is a French Teenage Melodrama

Céline Sciamma reduces lesbian love to polemics.

December 06 2019



Portrait of a Lady on Fire Is a French Teenage Melodrama

Armond White

Director Céline Sciamma doesn't trust the expressiveness of her medium; despite deft technique, she stages obvious agitprop. Read More


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Give Me Liberty: The Making of American Exceptionalism

Richard Brookhiser with Luke Thompson

A new, limited episode podcast examining thirteen historical documents and recounting their role in the development of liberty.

The Four Fatal Flaws That Doomed Kamala Harris's Campaign

John McCormack

Eight months ago, pundits from across the political spectrum were putting their money on Kamala Harris. So what went wrong? The California senator suffered from at least four fatal flaws.

NY Freshman Dem Urges Party Not to Include Mueller Evidence in Impeachment Articles

Tobias Hoonhout

Representative Max Rose pushed back Friday on efforts to include evidence from the Mueller Report in articles of impeachment against President Trump.


The Disgraceful Campaign against the Salvation Army

Rich Lowry

If you think that volunteering for the Salvation Army, an organization raising funds to provide food and housing, among many other services, for the needy is an inherently praiseworthy act, you haven't been following the woke left-wing activists cutting a swath through American culture.

Adam Schiff's Attack on the Free Press

David Harsanyi

Where are all the self-styled champions of the free press now that Democratic congressman Adam Schiff has used the surveillance powers of the state to smear not only his political rivals but journalist John Solomon?

It's a Mistake for Democrats to Rush the Impeachment Process

Jonah Goldberg

Their belief that they've finally got Trump dead to rights doesn't absolve them of the responsibility of going through all of the motions to prove their good faith.

Former Republican Amash Announces He'll Vote Yes on Three Articles of Impeachment

Tobias Hoonhout

Representative Justin Amash confirmed Friday that he would vote to approve three articles of impeachment laid out by Democrats against President Trump.

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Ghost: My Thirty Years as an FBI Undercover Agent

Michael R. McGowan & Ralph Pezzullo

“An excellent look into the murky world of Undercover. McGowan proves to be one of the top UCAs in the FBI. A must read.”

Joseph Pistone, aka Donnie Brasco


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