Native Venezuelan, Now Proud American, Warns of ‘Fruits of Socialism’

Dec 11, 2019

Good morning from Washington, where Democrats decide on two impeachment allegations they think will topple President Trump. It's thin gruel, legal experts say. Congress and higher courts should rein in overzealous anti-Trump judges, Rep. Michael Cloud argues. On the podcast, a Venezuela-born immigrant defends American principles. Plus: what's to like and loathe in lawmakers' budget options, the failure of federal intrusion in public schools, and the morality of free markets. On this date in 1941, four days after the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor, German dictator Adolf Hitler declares war on the United States, bringing a neutral America into World War II.

By Daniel Davis

"Hugo Chavez was able to win an election by making promises and sowing envy, telling folks you should have what others have," warns Patricia Rucker, now a West Virginia state senator.
By Fred Lucas

"I remain of the view that a well-founded impeachment must [involve] a crime," says former independent counsel Robert Ray. "Obstruction of Congress does not constitute a crime unless it constitutes obstruction of justice."
By Rep. Michael Cloud

In the same way that the Texas state legislature cannot make laws for Oklahoma, district courts have authority only over a single district—a limited area. By issuing a nationwide injunction, these courts are inappropriately claiming authority over other courts' districts.
By Justin Bogie

Congress eventually funds the government from one self-manufactured "crisis" to the next, leaving taxpayers to hold the bill for lawmakers' irresponsible ways.
By Lindsey Burke

The Department of Education's budget increased from $38 billion in 2000 to roughly $70 billion today. But the math and reading performance of American high school students has remained completely flat.
By Walter E. Williams

In a free market society, income is neither taken nor distributed. Income is earned by serving one's fellow man.

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