NR Daily: Puzzling over Meaning in Winslow Homer’s Kissing the Moon

It's meant to be disorienting.

December 07 2019



Puzzling over Meaning in Winslow Homer's Kissing the Moon

Brian T. Allen

It's a big painting, which slows us down visually, and not a small, black-and-white illustration on a magazine page. It's not about the news of the day or the glass hives where we live. It's post-news, where the everyday world dissolves and eternity takes us to a next, very different place. Read More


Top Stories

Give Me Liberty: The Making of American Exceptionalism

Richard Brookhiser with Luke Thompson

A new, limited episode podcast examining thirteen historical documents and recounting their role in the development of liberty.

Knives Out Takes On the Anti-Immigration Crowd

Graham Hillard

Anyone who doubts that "Knives Out" is, and means to be, a commentary on the future of race dynamics in this country need only examine the movie's intensely political concluding shot, in which Harlan's family is cast from the home.

NY Freshman Dem Urges Party Not to Include Mueller Evidence in Impeachment Articles

Tobias Hoonhout

Representative Max Rose pushed back Friday on efforts to include evidence from the Mueller Report in articles of impeachment against President Trump.


Books to Buy for Small Children

Robert VerBruggen

Every once in a while, you stumble across a great book that's a little less well-known. Here are a few in that category, for those looking for titles a kid might not have already.

Do Failing Historically Black Colleges Deserve Billions in Handouts?

Adam Kissel

The federal government gives hundreds of millions of dollars every year to historically black colleges and universities, with far too little oversight.

Medicare for All, Progressive-Campaign Killer

Matthew Continetti

Not only do voters recoil at the notion of having their insurance canceled, but candidates look awkward and inauthentic when they begin to move away from the unpopular idea they mistakenly embraced. That's what happened to Harris earlier this year and is happening to Elizabeth Warren today.

Former Republican Amash Announces He'll Vote Yes on Three Articles of Impeachment

Tobias Hoonhout

Representative Justin Amash confirmed Friday that he would vote to approve three articles of impeachment laid out by Democrats against President Trump.

What NR Is Reading

Ghost: My Thirty Years as an FBI Undercover Agent

Michael R. McGowan & Ralph Pezzullo

“An excellent look into the murky world of Undercover. McGowan proves to be one of the top UCAs in the FBI. A must read.”

Joseph Pistone, aka Donnie Brasco


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