Who Has Worst Election Laws? These 10 States, According to Scorecard

August 30 2022
Good morning from Washington, where the left hopes to loosen the security of our elections. A scorecard from The Heritage Foundation ranks states with the weakest laws regulating elections, Fred Lucas reports. Is China all that militarily? Check out five charts from Brent Sadler and Jackson Clark. On the podcast, Doug Blair gets the lowdown on the s are set to vote on abortion; what science says about masks at school; and a New York Times columnist doesn't understand religious freedom. Fifty-five years ago today,  Thurgood Marshall becomes the first black to be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice; he will serve on the high court for 24 years before retiring.
Who Has the Worst Election Laws? These 10 States, According to Scorecard
By Fred Lucas

"Too many states aren't willing to have basic voter ID laws in place, and some are making matters worse with automatic voter registration," says Heritage Foundation scholar Hans von Spakovsky.
In 5 Charts, Factors Affecting China's Military Future
By Brent Sadler, Jackson Clark

Unless we move quickly to address weaknesses, Chinese leaders might well calculate that they could outlast the U.S. in a long war—if they strike sooner rather than later.
New York Times Columnist Gets First Freedom Wrong
By Kelly Shackelford

In a recent essay in The New York Times, former Times reporter and columnist Linda Greenhouse accuses Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito of weaponizing religious liberty.
The Evidence About Masking at Schools
By Doug Badger, Jonathan Butcher

A recent study finds no difference in pediatric case rates between schools with mask mandates and those without them.
Voters in These 4 States to Decide Abortion Law at Ballot
By Virginia Allen

Voters in California, Kentucky, Montana, and Vermont will decide abortion-related ballot initiatives during midterm elections Nov. 8.
CRT Infects Military Academies, Medical Schools, Bill Jacobson Says
By Douglas Blair

Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School, tracks which institutions teach critical race theory, and how deep the rot goes, in a database. It's not pretty, he says.
ICYMI: Remembering How Sen. Patrick Leahy Treated Clarence Thomas
By Terence Jeffrey

When it was Leahy's turn to question Thomas, he tried to force the judge into taking a position on the constitutionality of Roe v. Wade and abortion.

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