Breaking: Undercover Mom Discovers ‘Pandora’s Box’ of Depravity in Trans Youth Organization’s Chatroom

Editor's Note: The article that follows contains sexually explicit content that will likely be disturbing to readers; this includes explicit messages the article links to in order to provide corroboration for the undercover mom’s account.

"I have been looking for a binder, but I have no clue where to get one? Does anyone know where I could get a reliable binder?" a gender-confused adolescent asked on TrevorSpace, the anonymous online forum for LGBT youth hosted by the well-funded and influential Trevor Project.

An adult user replied with a list of brands that sell binders, which are devices worn under the clothes to conceal female breasts, adding "I really recommend TransTape.”

"If it's your first time I started with TomboyX compression tops," another adult wrote.

This is the startling scene Rachel, a Brooklyn mom with a gender-dysphoric child, discovered when she went undercover as a pre-teen in the chat, searching for resources for detransitioners. She found none.

Instead, she opened a "Pandora's box" of sexually perverse content, aggressive gender re-assignment referrals, adults encouraging minors to hide their transitions from their parents, and many troubled kids in need of psychological counseling. She shared screenshots of the chat with National Review.

Rachel says she looked to the Trevor Project in desperation, "when I thought my child was going to kill herself." The organization frequently claims that LGBT youth are more than four times more likely to attempt suicide than their peers. It claims to be a refuge for these people with its crisis services including TrevorLifeline, TrevorText, and TrevorChat.

Under the advice of a "highly credentialed" medical and mental-health team, Rachel and her husband decided to socially transition their child a few years ago, she told National Review. After that, her child was hospitalized three times for self-harm and suicidality, including at least one suicide attempt. In New York, due to a ban on psychotherapy, so-called gender affirmation was the only legal option they could pursue, she said.

They were at their wit's end, until her spouse sat her down and presented her with a PowerPoint, showing statistics that people who transition are, by a huge factor, much more likely than the general public to commit suicide.

"My jaw hit the floor. I said, 'Oh my God we've been lied to'," she says.

Since then, Rachel, a lifelong Democrat and feminist, has been dedicated to exposing the child gender-transition craze, which she argues is driven by "predatory medicine" incentivized by the government.

In TrevorSpace, she got a bird's-eye view of the progressive non-profit giant that is claiming to save young lives but is really driving them further into existential rabbit holes, depravity, and potential danger, she said.

She documented kids talking about how to buy binders, an undergarment that constricts breasts, behind their parents' backs. "I know the way people usually do this is by ordering it to a friend's house or something of the sort, but I don't have anyone to do that with," wrote a girl whose account says she's under 18. "I have money and know where I want to get it from and all that. I just need a means of getting it." Another user suggested she have the binder sent to a post office where she could pick it up without her parents’ knowledge. Other users were referred to eBay to purchase a packer, or an artificial appendage meant to mimic a penis.

When people sign up for TrevorSpace, they have the option of placing themselves within the age ranges of “under 18” or “18-25.” The community is open to people 13-24, according to the site. There is no system in place to confirm a person's age, Rebecca says and National Review confirmed. She also said she noticed entries from people claiming to be over 25 too, as well as guest accounts with no age listed.

Other teens, presumably girls transitioning to boys, testified to the effectiveness of Minoxidil, an over-the-counter medication that stimulates facial hair growth. "Can I get and use Minoxidil without my parents knowing?" a girl asked.

The kids Rachel followed on TrevorSpace spanned a diverse spectrum of gender disorientation, some confident in their belief that they were the opposite sex and some just gender curious. But, as Rachel observed, they were all pointed in one direction: gender transition. In a significant number of cases, adults gave minors this validation.

"I still feel more masc and more fem on days, but it doesn't matter what I'm feeling I will always prefer to be a girl," one youth wrote. "Does that make me trans or am I still genderfluid? Help I don't know."

An adult replied: "If I had to guess based on your post, I'd say it sounds pretty trans."

The Trevor Project has subforums on "Transitioning," "Fashion and beauty," "Dysphoria," and "Gender queer, non-binary, and gender fluid," but none on detransitioning or desistance — the common phenomenon of children “growing out of” their transgender identity as they age.

One adult posted a message touting previous invasive medical interventions, noting a willingness to pursue nullification surgery, which involves removing all external genitalia from the abdomen to the groin for the purpose of appearing non-binary. "I am loving my medical transition now, and have discovered FtN/MtN surgeries that I am now considering. I'm glad I took my time in figuring out what felt best for me," the user wrote.

Rachel then dove into an abyss of concerning sexual conversation. Some transgender-identifying adults confessed in detail their masturbation addictions and experiences with autogynephilia, or the propensity of a male to become sexually aroused by the thought of himself as female, as well as autoandrophilia, or the propensity of a female to become sexually aroused by the thought of herself as male.

An adult male wrote, "So I woke up this morning with a huge urge to masturbate, even though I knew I couldn't, and it would hurt me if I did, I went and did it anyway. And it felt awful, the sensations I felt, the kind of orgasm I had, it was all male, and it just completely shattered my womanhood and served as a cruel reminder of the female sensations I can't hope to feel because of the male body I was born in."

In some cases, users under 18 spoke with adult users about their sexual preferences, including BDSM, polyamory, and others. Users over 18 asked about paraphilia: "What's the weirdest sexual thing you know?" People responded with "gokkun" — the act of drinking multiple male ejaculations from a container; "bukkake" — the fetish of being covered with ejaculate; "scat play" — deriving sexual gratification from fantasies involving feces; and "forniphilia" — a form of bondage in which a person's body is incorporated into furniture for sexual acts.

An 18-25 age user posted: "Can I just say they're all rough doggystyle??." An under-18 user replied, "I've heard doggystyle hurts in a good way, but I wouldn't know. I will say I'm not going to die a virgin. If I have to pull an Evan Hansen and bang a tree, I will."

Rachel also ran into references to animal kinks, something which professed non-binary drag queen Sam Britton, a recent hire of the Biden administration and now nuclear waste deputy at the Department of Energy, has dabbled in. Britton worked at the Trevor Project for four years, first as the Head of Advocacy and Government Affairs and then as Vice President of Advocacy and Government Affairs. He has bragged about participating in kink relationships as a "pup handler" — a person, typically a gay man, who enjoys taking care of other typically gay men who pretend to be dogs.

Alix Aharon, an anti-pornography campaigner and the creator of Gender Mapper, which tracks gender-clinic locations across the country, was particularly alarmed that the Trevor Project encourages contact between kids and adult strangers.

"There should never be a situation in which a young girl is talking to a man. What was most disturbing was their forum and their chat service where you can chat to an adult if you're a child," said Aharon, who is on the board of the radical feminist organization Women's Liberation Front.

Many messages obtained by National Review showed users attempting to connect privately, on apps such as Discord, an instant messaging social platform.

The Trevor Project did not respond to request for comment.

Blinded by its mission to affirm transgender-identifying youth, the Trevor Project ignores the underlying issues turning children, especially girls, to its offerings, Aharon said. For girls, "we call it the trifecta: eating disorder, mental illness, and early exposure to porn," she says. Instead of targeting those root causes, however, the organization leads youth deeper into delusion that they can become what they innately are not."

In Republican-dominated states, the Trevor Project has fought to oppose bills outlawing reconstructive surgery and hormone therapy for children, as well as legislation barring males from competing in women's sports.

Trevor Project has also infiltrated classrooms nationwide. Steadily, it has increased its involvement in K-12 education, boasting that it has trained over 20,000 educators "to create safe spaces in schools." And during the outbreak of Covid-19, many more youths found an outlet there. During the peak of the pandemic, between February and March 2020, TrevorSpace experienced a surge of 40 percent in new registered users. By April, new registrations were up 139 percent compared to February.

Between August 2019 and July 2020, the Trevor Project added $35 million to its coffers, thanks to the largesse of many household name brands. Rainbow-tier sponsors, which gave $1 million or more, include Google, Lululemon, Abercrombie and Fitch, Puma, and Macy's. Premier-tier sponsors, who gave $500,000 or more, include Proctor and Gamble, Harry's, AT&T, Pinterest, and others. Platinum-tier sponsors, who gave $250,000 or more, include Coca-Cola, Chipotle, Wells Fargo, YouTube, and others. There are dozens more gold, silver, bronze, and chrome-tier corporate donors, including State Farm, Aetna, Bank of America, Fed Ex, the Walt Disney Company, American Express, Best Buy, and others.

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Undercover Mom Discovers ‘Pandora’s Box’ of Depravity in Trans Youth Organization’s Chatroom

The Trevor Project hosts a chat room in which adults have sexually explicit discussions with minors and encourage ... READ MORE


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