A Modern, Americanized Version of a Maoist Struggle Session

August 29 2022
Good morning from Washington, where the Department of Homeland Security, rather than focusing on illegal aliens and terrorists, preoccupies itself with making some Americans more equal than others. Erin Dwinell shows how. A noted historian's obsequious response to woke critics speaks volumes, Jarrett Stepman writes. On the podcast, Rob Bluey peels back the left's lies to get to the truth about police, crime, and punishment in America. Plus: D.C. officials scramble to adjust their vaccine mandate for students, and the Biden administration dispenses infrastructure dollars based on politics. On  this date in 1950,  the USSR successfully detonates its first atomic bomb  at  a remote test site in Kazakhstan after developing the weapon with secret information later determined to be stolen from the U.S. 
A Modern, Americanized Version of a Maoist Struggle Session
By Jarrett Stepman

Leftists apparently have so much power over the American Historical Association that, in effect, they can force the group's president to issue cringing apologies at the snap of their fingers.
Homeland Security's 'Equity Action Plan' Doubles Down on Discrimination
By Erin Dwinell

The agency's equity plan agenda serves to discriminate based on skin color, among other things.
DC Delays School Vaccine Mandate After Daily Signal Report
By Douglas Blair

The city abruptly changes course after The Daily Signal's reports on the D.C. school vaccine mandate goes viral, highlighting how over 40% of black teens would be banned from schools.
Biden Picks Major Recipient of Pfizer Research Dollars to Oversee Cancer Institute
By Fred Lucas, Roman Jankowski

President Biden's choice to lead the National Cancer Institute received $291 million in research funding from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer during her career as an oncologist and scientist.
Biden Administration Uses Infrastructure Spending for Partisan Political Benefit
By David Ditch

Pete Buttigieg, who ran for president in 2020 and is considered a top Democratic contender post-Biden, uses infrastructure project announcements as an excuse to barnstorm the country.
We Don't Have a 'Mass Incarceration Problem' in America (and Other Myths About Police and Crime)
By Rob Bluey

"The vast majority of people in prison are there because they're serious chronic and violent offenders," says Rafael Mangual, author of "Criminal (In)Justice."
ICYMI: What Released Affidavit Reveals About FBI's Mar-a-Lago Raid
By Zack Smith, John G. Malcolm

The unredacted portions of the affidavit contain a few nuggets of information.

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