Week in Review: The Left’s Opt-In Totalitarianism

Pressuring your opponents into silence doesn't make their views disappear.
August 21 2022
August 21 2022
Kevin D. Williamson

The Left's Opt-In Totalitarianism

A group calling itself Physicians for Reproductive Health has published an open letter to the nation's reporters and news editors, ...   READ MORE


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Jack Butler

Biden's Historians Hurt America, Dishonor Their Profession

To the historians who've been advising Biden, history is not so much a guide as an instrument in service of ...

Sarah Schutte

What the 'Dear America' Series Taught Me

Scholastic's classic series help spark a love of history and impart worthwhile ...


Utah Judge Pauses Ban on Trans Athletes Competing against Girls in Sports

Every boy who identifies as a girl who wants to compete in female sports will go before a commission, which hasn't ...

Andrew Stuttaford

ESG: Political Agenda Attracts Political Criticism, Outrage Ensues

Judging by some of the reaction to the reaction against ESG, those using corporatism and corporatist techniques to ...

Kevin D. Williamson

Ricky Revolutionary, R.I.P.

Ricky Shiffer, the man who attacked the Cincinnati FBI office last week, died fighting what he thought was a war ...

Victoria Coates and Marshall Billingslea

To Contain Xi, Defeat Putin in Ukraine

Remember Donald Rumsfeld's rule: 'Sometimes you have to kill a chicken to frighten the ...


Drone Strikes Russia's Black Sea Fleet Headquarters in Crimea

Videos posted on social media show smoke billowing out of the roof of the building.









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