The Border Goes North, and Blue City Mayors Melt Down

August 22 2022

Good morning from Washington, where the Democrat mayor joins her Big Apple counterpart in bemoaning that border-state Republican governors are sending buses of illegal immigrants their way. It's about time for this reality check, Jarrett Stepman writes. On the podcast, author Julie Kelly exposes uncomfortable truths behind the FBI raid on Donald Trump's home. Plus: why Americans should distrust big government; renewed success for school choice; what keeps China from invading Taiwan; and the new shape of the Republican Party. Thirty years ago today, in the second day of a standoff over gun charges at former Green Beret Randy Weaver's remote cabin atop Ruby Ridge in Idaho, FBI sharpshooter Lon Horiuchi wounds Weaver and friend Kevin Harris, then kills Weaver's wife, Vicki.

The Border Goes North, and Blue City Mayors Melt Down
By Jarrett Stepman

Apparently, New York and the District of Columbia are completely overwhelmed after just a few thousand migrants have been bused in from the border.
Spotlight on FBI: Understanding the Trump Raid, Jan. 6, and Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Plot
By Rob Bluey

Author Julie Kelly shares her reporting on Jan. 6-related charges, and why she thinks the Whitmer kidnapping plot was an "FBI entrapment scheme from start to finish."
Conservatives Shouldn't Apologize for Healthy Skepticism of Big Government
By Samuel Gregg

Americans deserve better than having to choose between soft and hard versions of social democracy at election time.
School Choice Ensures Equality of Opportunity, Empowers Families, Experts Say
By Gillian Richards

Government-assigned schools have fostered a system of resegregation, one in which students are divided "racially, socially, and economically," says Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts.
Beijing's Economic Problems Complicate Its Designs on Taiwan
By Min-Hua Chiang

The economic slump has exposed some deep-rooted problems that authorities ignored for so many years when the economy was thriving.
What Cheney's Shellacking Says About Future of GOP
By Josh Hammer

The tremendous defeats of Liz Cheney and George P. Bush represent a clarion plea from the Republican rank and file: "We will not go back to the old, pre-Trump era."
ICYMI: 'Civil War' Porn
By Victor Davis Hanson

As President Biden's polls stagnate and the midterms approach, yet another progressive melodrama arises about the dangers of a supposed impending radical right-wing violent takeover.

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