Proof That We’re Being Governed By Idiots

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August 22, 2022

The Dan Bongino Show Ep 183
In this episode, I address the shocking new allegations of a massive FBI coverup. I also address hard-core proof that we're being led by idiots.

Dan's News Picks:

Dan Bongino: The Media Is Full of Spin Doctors for Joe Biden

On this past weekend's episode of Unfiltered With Dan Bongino, Dan's opening monologue exposed the media's pathetically embarrassing efforts to brainwash millions of Americans with their bogus narratives about Joe Biden.


Liz Cheney Announces Plan to Campaign Against Republicans She Doesn't Like

Liz Cheney isn't taking her ousting well.
After losing her primary to Trump-backed challenger Marriet Hageman by 32 points, the humiliated soon-to-be former Representative signaled to ABC News that vengeance is on her agenda.

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