VOTER FRAUD ALERT: Georgia Specialist Finds Thousands of Illegal Votes in 2020, 2021, and 2022

February 12 2024
VOTER FRAUD ALERT: Georgia Specialist Finds Thousands of Illegal Votes in 2020, 2021, and 2022
By Fred Lucas

An expert in election data asserts that almost 35,000 Georgia voters cast ballots in 2020 from the wrong jurisdiction, but the state's top election official is silent on the claim.
Utah's 'One Door' Policy Revolutionizes Welfare. Why Does the Federal Government Ban It for Other States?
By Rachel Greszler, Rachel Sheffield

Utah's model welfare program pairs people in need with just one caseworker, instead of a labyrinth of offices. Why does the federal government prevent other states from doing this?
5 Ways Biden Did the Opposite of His Promise to 'Restore the Soul of America'
By Tyler O'Neil

Joe Biden says he ran for president to "restore the soul of America." Here are five ways his record demonstrates he's done the opposite.
Virginia Bill Abetting 'Profit-Driven Industry' of Death, Critics Warn
By Noah Slayter

Critics raise the alarm as the Virginia Senate passes a bill that would legalize assisted suicide, otherwise known as "medical aid in dying."
The Absurd Democrat Border Con
By Victor Davis Hanson

Biden faces a quandary: How can he insist on open borders while seeming determined to close them? He blames Republicans for the failure of a "comprehensive immigration bill."
Climate Models Exaggerate Effects of Global Warming
By Roy Spencer, Kevin Dayaratna

A new Heritage Foundation research paper provides compelling evidence that most computer models overestimated warming in the past 50 years, as illustrated by thermometer measurements.
ICYMI: How Can Americans Rid Themselves of a Senile President? Looking at 4 Options
By Jarrett Stepman

After special counsel Robert Hur questions President Biden's mental state, Americans wonder: What can be done to remove a president unfit for office? Here are four avenues.

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