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Fellow Conservative,

This week at The Heritage Foundation we've been celebrating our Founders.

Not just America's Founding Fathers – whom we always celebrate – but Heritage's Founders who started Heritage 51 years ago on Friday.

I'm so grateful for the original Heritage members whose initial generosity kickstarted our efforts to promote conservative policies and values.

I'm also incredibly grateful to you and your dedication to continuing those initial members' legacy by defending America's Founding Fathers' vision for our country. We need patriots like you fighting every day to preserve our freedoms.

To celebrate our Founders' legacy, I'd like to offer you a FREE digital copy of The Heritage Foundation's Founders' Almanac.

This informative book contains biographical essays about America's Founding Fathers like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams along with insightful analysis of primary sources like the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and Washington's Farewell Address.

Our Founding Fathers' grit and determination has never been more needed in our history than it is today.

You can download your FREE copy using the secure link below. 

Please use this guide to celebrate our Founding Fathers and stand up for our founding principles.


Alexander Hyatt
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