Heritage Foundation Lawsuit Over Prince Harry’s Visa Goes to Court

February 27 2024
Heritage Foundation Lawsuit Over Prince Harry's Visa Goes to Court
By Jarrett Stepman

Visas typically are denied to foreign nationals with a history of illegal drug use, but Britain's Prince Harry received a visa despite his confessions about drug use in his book.
Sen. Ron Johnson, Health Experts Allege Cover-Up of COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers
By Fred Lucas

Cover-ups involving the origins of COVID-19 in China and adverse effects of the vaccines likely are linked to protecting the bioweapons industry, an epidemiologist asserts.
To Censor or to Host?: Supreme Court Hears Social Media Platform's Free-Speech Challenge to State Laws
By Jack Fitzhenry, Daniel Cochrane

The hysterics of NetChoice's hypotheticals against free speech on social media should make a fair-minded person skeptical.
'Oath' Enough to Vote in Federal Contests, Arizona's Top Election Official Says
By Fred Lucas

Arizona's secretary of state says officials don't need to verify voters' proof of citizenship. They may rely on a voter's oath of eligibility.
Justices to Weigh Future of Free Speech on Social Media Platforms
By Virginia Allen

Can states prohibit social media companies from censoring the speech of their platforms' users? That's a question now before the Supreme Court.
US Plummets to Lowest Economic Freedom Score in History Under Biden
By Anthony B. Kim

The foundations of economic freedom are declining around the world, according to the 2024 Index of Economic Freedom.
Are We the Chump on the Latin American Block?: The BorderLine
By Simon Hankinson

The interests of our Latin American friends (and enemies) are not the same as ours when it comes to immigration.
WATCH: Accuracy in Media Investigations Reveal Red State Rot in Higher Education
By Tony Kinnett

Public universities in Texas are in the sights of the latest undercover investigation by Accuracy in Media to reveal schools' flagrant disregard for the law in red states.
ICYMI: Skewed News
By John Stossel

On CNN, a "reporter" interviewing Vice President Kamala Harris gushes: "I'm struck, just in your presence. Looking you in the eye, with your passion …" Really?

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