To drive, or not to drive, the government decides.


Fellow Conservative,

What if the decision to drive was not up to you? What if instead, you had to be cleared by a federally mandated driver monitoring system before you hit the road?

It may seem ridiculous, but it's not a hypothetical question. The 2021 infrastructure law requires the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to develop a regulation that "requires passenger motor vehicles, manufactured after the effective date of that standard, to be equipped with advanced drunk- and impaired-driving prevention technology,"

The kinds of technologies the NHTSA is looking to implement will open a can of worms that will put "Big Brother" in your car and negatively impact your daily life. Under the proposed regulation:

  • Cars will become more expensive than they already are
  • Imperfections in the technology will lead to false positives, endangering and inconveniencing you
  • Your personal and digital privacy will be at risk from the monitoring technology
  • You will be presumed guilty which is why you must be watched throughout your drive

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The intent behind this regulation is to prevent impaired people from driving. But too many questions remain unanswered for the pros of this technology to outweigh the cons.

Questions like:

  • How would the technology work? Video analytics technology is not even advanced enough to detect emotion. How can it be expected to detect intoxication or any form of impairment?
  • How will this regulation account for false positives? Would you feel comfortable knowing that false positives could cost lives if it delayed an emergency visit to the ER, or prevented someone from fleeing a natural disaster?
  • Where will the camera footage and sensor data be stored? How will you ensure its security from cyber-criminals seeking to steal personal data?
  • If the car is to disable itself mid-trip if it believes the driver has been compromised, how is this to be done safely? Especially, for example, if the car is on a highway? This kind of technology has been in development for years and is still unavailable.
  • How can Americans be expected to afford cars when the costs of developing and implementing this technology will be passed on to the consumer?
  • Why would Americans buy any car that treats them as presumed guilty even before they've gotten behind the wheel?

>>>Submitting a comment is a powerful way to make your voice heard by the bureaucracy and even has the potential to stop regulations in their tracks.

When you submit your comment, consider including some of the questions above that you believe are the most pressing.

DON'T WAIT! The deadline to submit your comment is March 5th.

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Janae Stracke
Vice President of Outreach and Advocacy
Heritage Action for America



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