ORWELLIAN: Transgender Efforts to Silence Biological Truth Reach the State Department

February 21 2024
ORWELLIAN: Transgender Efforts to Silence Biological Truth Reach the State Department
By Tyler O'Neil

Someone needs to tell the Biden administration that George Orwell's novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" isn't an instruction manual.
USDA Colludes With Left-Wing Group to Turn Out Voters Under Biden Order, Documents Reveal
By Fred Lucas

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is working with a left-wing advocacy group to boost voter turnout as part of President Joe Biden's executive order on elections.
NY Cardinal Praises Cathedral's Handling of 'Sacrilegious' Funeral for Trans Prostitute
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, addresses the outcry following a "sacrilegious" funeral held at St. Patrick's Cathedral last week, celebrating a transgender-identifying male prostitute.
Alabama Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Embryonic Human Life
By Emma Waters

The Alabama Supreme Court rules in favor of protecting embryonic human life from wrongful death.
Leftism Explains What's Happening to Western Civilization
By Dennis Prager

It is impossible to understand what is happening to America—and to the rest of the West—without understanding the most dynamic ideology of the last hundred years: leftism.
EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Life Diaper Company Pushes Atlanta to 'Make More Babies' in Massive Billboard
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Pro-life diaper company EveryLife will be sending a massive message to those in Atlanta this week through a towering billboard that reads: "Make more babies."
Don't Be Fooled: This Bill Is Mostly Ukraine Aid
By Wilson Beaver

President Joe Biden's latest supplemental budget request to Congress contains $60.6 billion in aid to Ukraine and only $5 billion in American shipbuilding and security assistance to allies in the Indo-Pacific.
ICYMI: Biden Traps Veterans on VA Plantation
By Deroy Murdock

Democrats constantly crow about their faith in "the right to choose," but that applies to little beyond abortion. Take health care choices for veterans, for example.

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