ADL Gives Head-Scratching Reason for Excluding Nashville Transgender Shooter From ‘Extremist Murders’ Report

February 23 2024
ADL Gives Head-Scratching Reason for Excluding Nashville Transgender Shooter From 'Extremist Murders' Report
By Tyler O'Neil

The Anti-Defamation League claims right-wing extremists committed "all" the extremist-related murders in 2023, discounting the apparent extremism of Audrey Hale.
San Francisco Puts a Noncitizen in Office. This Is Part of the Left's Plan to Demolish Our Republic.
By Jarrett Stepman

Somebody who isn't a citizen and isn't legally allowed to vote is now supervising elections in an American city.
These 19 GOP Senators Demand a Full Senate Impeachment Trial for Mayorkas
By Virginia Allen

"Chuck Schumer is trying to break over 200 years of Senate precedent by tabling the impeachment trial and denying the American people the chance to hear the facts," says Sen. Ted Cruz.
Gender Ideologues Stack Deck on WHO Panel on Trans 'Health'
By Grace Melton

Clearly, the World Health Organization is trying to create a document to endorse "gender-affirming care." Then it can push official guidelines on health systems around the world.
The World's Hostility Toward Conservatism Is Empowering Conservatives to Fight Back
By Noah Slayter

Great leaders "transcend their political moment and they unite the common people towards more permanent ends than politics," says author Johnny Burtka.
EXCLUSIVE: Missouri AG Orders School District to End Race-Based Hiring
By Elizabeth Troutman

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey orders a St. Louis school district to abandon race-based hiring after The Daily Signal reported on the district's plan.
Trump's Legal Cases 101: Where They Stand
By Virginia Allen

The cases Trump is facing "paint a picture of a weaponized justice system," says Kyle Brosnan, chief counsel for the Oversight Project at The Heritage Foundation.
ICYMI: Registration Drives Boost Noncitizen Voting in Arizona, Research Finds
By Fred Lucas

Pima County—Arizona's second-largest county, including Tucson—has removed 186 noncitizens from its voter registration lists since 2021.
Trump Condemns 'Persecution' of Christians Under Biden DOJ, Pledges Feds Will 'Never Again' Target Them
By Tyler O'Neil

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE—Former President Donald Trump compared the criminal indictments he faces to the Biden administration's targeting of Christians as he spoke at the National Religious... Read More

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