Female Inmate Forced to Bunk With Masturbating Transgender Prisoner Who Raped Daughter, Messages Claim

February 26 2024
EXCLUSIVE: Female Inmate Forced to Bunk With Masturbating Transgender Prisoner Who Raped Daughter, Messages Claim
By Mary Margaret Olohan

"I'm just sooooo extra stressed out with this weirdo under me," Katie McGraw writes to her fiancee.
What Federal Health Agencies Aren't Disclosing About COVID-19 Vaccines
By Fred Lucas

Sen. Ron Johnson says it is "beyond despicable," for example, that the FDA could be "actively hiding information about vaccine safety signals from Congress and the American people."
EXCLUSIVE: Kentucky AG Investigates Company at Center of $200,000 Payment to Bidens
By Fred Lucas

Kentucky's attorney general is investigating a health care company that wired $200,000 to James Biden the same day he wrote a check for that amount to his brother Joe Biden.
EXCLUSIVE: Biden Rule Would Deprive Pregnancy Resource Centers of Funds and Favor Abortion Groups, Conservatives Warn
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Former Vice President Mike Pence's organization is leading conservatives in calling on Congress to defund a Biden administration pro-abortion rule that would punish pro-life centers.
Why Senate Has a Solemn Obligation to Conduct a Mayorkas Impeachment Trial
By Thomas Jipping, Hans von Spakovsky

The Senate has never refused to hold a trial when the impeached public official remained in office.
EXCLUSIVE: Women's Sports Leaders Call on New York Collegiate League to Protect Fairness as Male Sets League Records
By Tyler O'Neil

A biological male who identifies as female has competed in women's track events, setting school records in the 200-meter, 300-meter, and 400-meter races.
Challenging 'Racial Profiteers'
By Virginia Allen

"Black Lives Matter ... comes along and collects $100 million in white guilt money," says activist Bob Woodson. "Ibram X. Kendi … collects $48 million to do anti-racist research."
ICYMI: Blue Laws for Red Citizens
By Victor Davis Hanson

Ideology and party affiliations increasingly determine guilt and punishment. Opponents are first targeted, and then laws are twisted and redefined to convict them.

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