How Can Americans Rid Themselves of a Senile President? Looking at 4 Options

February 10 2024
How Can Americans Rid Themselves of a Senile President? Looking at 4 Options
By Jarrett Stepman

After special counsel Robert Hur questions President Biden's mental state, Americans wonder what can be done to remove a president unfit for office? Here are four avenues.
WATCH: GOP Senator Reacts to White House Immigration Blackmail
By Tony Kinnett

Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Mo., calls it "ridiculous" that the White House threatened to "reduce" deportations if Republicans didn't vote for the Senate border and foreign aid bill.
Pulling Dead Bodies From the Rio Grande: The Daily Life of Fire and Rescue on the US-Mexico Border
By Virginia Allen

Pulling "three or four bodies out" of the Rio Grande in one day isn't unusual for Harish Garcia or his colleagues at Texas' Eagle Pass fire station near the border with Mexico.
How Biden Border Policies Worsen Human Trafficking at Super Bowl
By Noah Slayter

Human traffickers may take advantage of this particular Super Bowl.
Igniting an Appreciation for Abraham Lincoln in Children
By Jonathan White

Most Americans know little about Lincoln besides that he helped to end slavery and preserve the Union in the Civil War. As a professor, I work to change that.
Unforeseen Consequences of 'Defund the Police': High Crime, Low Morale, Hiring Woes
By M. Douglas Scott

Elected officials who once embraced the "defund and defame the police movement" now want to return to the way things were before.
Troy University Proves You Don't Need DEI to Achieve Campus Diversity
By Allen Mendenhall

Troy University achieved diversity in part by rejecting "diversity, equity, and inclusion," which fosters fear and resentment.
ICYMI: A Remedial Lesson for Mark Cuban in Civil Rights Law, 'Diversity,' and Discrimination
By GianCarlo Canaparo, Zack Smith

Billionaire Mark Cuban is a big fan of diversity, equity, and inclusion. That means he's a big fan of racial discrimination in hiring.

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