EXCLUSIVE: The White House Pressured Amazon to Suppress ‘Anti-Vax Books.’ Here’s How the Company Responded.

February 6 2024
EXCLUSIVE: The White House Pressured Amazon to Suppress 'Anti-Vax Books.' Here's How the Company Responded.
By Tyler O'Neil

Newly unearthed documents show Amazon yielding to White House pressure to suppress books that questioned the COVID-19 vaccines.
'BORDER NEVER CLOSES': Democrat 'Outs' Senate's Immigration Bill
By Jarrett Stepman

The "compromise" border bill crafted by Senate Democrats and Republicans would do little to stop the massive flow of illegal aliens across our border.
EXCLUSIVE: Indiana AG Launches Portal for Parents to Monitor Public Schools' Discriminatory Policies, Content
By Tony Kinnett

"This is a tool to empower parents in their dealings with their own school system so they can better raise their kids, which is their job and not the schools'," Attorney General Todd Rokita says.
Illegal Alien Work Permits and Sanctuary City Bailouts: What's Really Inside Senate's 370-Page 'Border Bill'
By Virginia Allen

Rosemary Jenks of the Immigration Accountability Project and Heritage Oversight Project Director Mike Howell explain what is, and isn't, inside the Senate's border bill.
Rep. Ilhan Omar Declares Herself Somali First, Muslim Second—American Last?
By Jarrett Stepman

Rep. Ilhan Omar says her job in Congress is to represent the interests of Somalis.
Fentanyl Poisoning Victims 'Didn't Want to Die,' Texan Says After Losing Grandson
By Virginia Allen

Since losing her grandson to fentanyl poisoning in 2021, Martha Johnson has made a habit of asking young people if they know about the deadly drug.
Biden Needs a Spine, Not New Laws, to Shut Down Open Border
By Hans von Spakovsky

President Biden tells a lot of tall tales about the border crisis, but his claim to need a reckless Senate bill to give him the authority to "shut down the border" is one of his tallest tales yet.
As Mail-In Voting Expands, Bipartisan Bill Would Require Barcodes on Ballots
By Fred Lucas

A House panel advances a bill requiring mail-in ballots to include a barcode when being processed by the Postal Service, as an extra level of election security.
EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Advised DC Medical Examiner to Dispose of Aborted Baby Bodies, Lawyer Says
By Mary Margaret Olohan

The Department of Justice reportedly advised the Washington, D.C. Medical Examiner to discard the remains of aborted preemie-sized babies.
ICYMI: 'DEAD ON ARRIVAL': Senate Border Bill Won't Stop Illegal Aliens, House Leadership Warns
By Virginia Allen

"This bill is even worse than we expected," House Speaker Mike Johnson says, and the Senate legislation "won't come close to ending the border catastrophe the president has created."

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