‘DIRECT RETALIATION’: SPLC Added Immigration Group to ‘Hate Map’ After It Reported SPLC’s Attacks on Trump to IRS

February 7 2024
'DIRECT RETALIATION': SPLC Added Immigration Group to 'Hate Map' After It Reported SPLC's Attacks on Trump to IRS
By Tyler O'Neil

This potentially shines new light on how the SPLC allegedly uses its "hate" accusations as a tactical political weapon.
Here's the Book the White House Suggested Amazon Should Ban
By Tyler O'Neil

"Five minutes ago I searched 'vaccine' on Amazon and the attached book was one of the first in the stack," a White House employee emailed.
Gallagher, Comer Sound Alarm on China's Spying on Military Bases
By Fred Lucas

The United States must take more precautions to protect its military bases from spying by the Chinese Communist Party, two House chairmen warn.
Arizona's Proposed Reversal in School Choice Would Hurt Taxpayers, Not Just Students and Their Families
By Matthew Ladner

Gov. Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, has called for the repeal of two programs: scholarship tax credits and education savings accounts.
Tech Titans' First Amendment Court Case Tries to Have It Both Ways
By Joel Thayer

Social media platforms are challenging Texas' social media law that prohibits those companies from engaging in viewpoint discrimination when curating their platforms.
EXCLUSIVE: Campaign Highlights Oreo's Partnership With 'Militant' LGBTQ Group
By Mary Margaret Olohan

"Is your favorite sandwich cookie company grooming children?" a new video asks.
What You Need to Know About Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria
By Tyler O'Neil

The number of young people who identify as transgender has exploded in recent years. That's not random.
ICYMI: These Republicans Voted Against Impeaching Mayorkas
By Virginia Allen

A House vote to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas failed Tuesday night, 216-214.
ICYMI: Capitalization Wars Come to Our Courts
By Zack Smith

Once neutral areas like procedural and grammatical rules are being weaponized to subtly advance the radical equity-over-equality agenda.

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