Capitalization Wars Come to Our Courts

Plus: Yet Another Example of Why Taxpayers Shouldn't Fund One-Sided, Woke Public Broadcasting
February 6 2024
Capitalization Wars Come to Our Courts
By Zack Smith

Once neutral areas like procedural and grammatical rules are being weaponized to subtly advance the radical equity-over-equality agenda.
Yet Another Example of Why Taxpayers Shouldn't Fund One-Sided, Woke Public Broadcasting
By Mike Gonzalez

NPR feels free to act brazenly as the imperial tribune of the permanent bureaucracy, amplifying the woke mindset of bicoastal elites.
Speaker Johnson to Introduce 'Clean' Israel Aid Package
By S.A. McCarthy

Since Hamas' Oct. 7 attack on Israel, Senate Democrats have failed to approve military funding for the embattled nation, while simultaneously pushing more funding for Ukraine.
Senate Border Bill Would Hand $1.4 Billion to Nonprofits That Help Illegal Migrants
By Jennie Taer

FEMA's Emergency Food and Shelter Program provides tens of millions of dollars every year for nongovernmental groups to help care for illegal immigrants.
ICYMI: EXCLUSIVE: The White House Pressured Amazon to Suppress 'Anti-Vax Books.' Here's How the Company Responded.
By Tyler O'Neil

Newly unearthed documents show Amazon yielding to White House pressure to suppress books that questioned the COVID-19 vaccines.

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