4 Answers to Know Before Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Trump Colorado Ballot Case

February 8 2024
4 Answers to Know Before Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Trump Colorado Ballot Case
By Fred Lucas

Here are answers to four big questions ahead of the Supreme Court oral arguments today in the Trump ballot case.
'CRIME-RIDDEN EMBARRASSMENT': Trump Says Quiet Part Out Loud
By Jarrett Stepman

Washington, D.C., is becoming an embarrassment to the nation.
EXCLUSIVE: Cruz Calls for DC Medical Examiner to Investigate Aborted Babies' Remains
By Mary Margaret Olohan

"Destroying evidence is a grave threat to the rule of law, and it is another tragic chapter in the Biden DOJ's sad history of having two justice systems," says the Texas senator.
Controversial Border Spending Bill Fails in Senate
By Virginia Allen

Former President Trump was critical of the bill on Truth Social, writing, "Only a fool, or a Radical Left Democrat, would vote for this horrendous Border Bill."
Why Taylor Swift, Super Bowl, and Mark Zuckerberg Get a Shoutout in This Election Reform Hearing
By Fred Lucas

"The American system of self-governance is under attack," says journalist and author Mollie Hemingway, who has reported on the impact of private grants in the 2020 election.
EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Leaders Call on Jordan, Johnson to Repeal 'Weaponized' FACE Act
By Mary Margaret Olohan

"The Biden administration has weaponized the FACE Act against peaceful pro-life sidewalk counselors and activists," says AAF Executive Director Paul Teller.
What's the Point of Marriage?
By Virginia Allen

Marriage gives individuals something to live for that is bigger than self-fulfillment, and that in turn benefits society.
'Truthful Therapist' Explains Why Parents Can't Trust Mental Health Professionals
By Tyler O'Neil

Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, who lost her job because she refused to take a COVID-19 vaccine, now runs a practice where she helps parents navigate the potentially fraught field of mental health.
'E Pluribus Unum'? Not at a Super Bowl With 2 National Anthems
By Dennis Prager

The NFL probably fears that some of those attending the game—specifically, those who possess love of America and courage—might not rise for the "black national anthem."
ICYMI: What I Saw at America's Wide-Open Northern Border: The BorderLine
By Simon Hankinson

There isn't even one Border Patrol agent for every 10 miles of border, and there is no fence to channel illegal crossers and make the patrol more efficient.

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