What Will Happen If Liberals Pack the Supreme Court

October 17 2020

Good morning from Washington, where liberals threaten to add justices to the Supreme Court because President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to fill a vacancy. It would be a historic  "power grab," Vice President Mike Pence says. We've got coverage and commentary. Plus: censoring the New York Post; judicial meddling in an election; and interrupting a Supreme Court nominee. On this date in 1973, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries announces it will cut off oil to the U.S. and others that helped Israel militarily in that month's Yom Kippur War. Enjoy your weekend.

What Will Happen If Liberals Pack the Supreme Court
By Tim Groseclose

If the Democrats do as many of their leading members want them to do, we will no longer have a legislature and a supreme judicial branch. We will essentially have two legislatures.
Twitter's Censorship of the New York Post Is Un-American
By David Harsanyi

The press has spent four years pressuring social media outlets to censor speech and limit access with scaremongering over the alleged nefarious influence of foreign accounts, "fake news," and hate speech.
The 11th Circuit Again Quashes Judge's Continued Election Meddling in Alabama
By Zack Smith

There has been a nearly five-month-long court battle involving a federal district court trying to prevent Alabama from enforcing state laws intended to safeguard the integrity of the voting process.
Pence, Predicting Barrett's Confirmation, Warns of Liberals' Court-Packing 'Power Grab'
By Fred Lucas

Pence warned that if Democrats succeed in adding justices to the high court, it would be "the biggest power grab in American history."
Here's How Many Times Democrats Interrupted Amy Coney Barrett During Her Confirmation Hearings
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Lawmakers questioned Barrett minutely on her record as a judge, pushing her to discuss her opinions on a variety of political issues.
ICYMI: Heritage Foundation President Calls on Twitter, Facebook to 'Step Up' After Censorship of Hunter Biden Article
By Rachel del Guidice

"You have squandered the public trust and are now inflicting great harm on the nation and its institutions by inappropriately influencing our electoral politics," Kay C. James writes.

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