What Killed Michael Brown? It's Not What You've Been Told

October 31 2020

Happy Halloween from Washington at what often seems like a scary time for our nation. A progressive group steers street protesters to the addresses of conservative organizations in the nation's capital. Rachel del Guidice reports. A new film gets to the truth about Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri. Rob Bluey has details. Plus: the FBI looks into Hunter Biden's dealings in China, and the Girl Scouts cave to the woke mob. Seventy years ago today, Earl Lloyd becomes the first African American to play in an NBA game when he hits the court for the Washington Capitols' season opener. Don't forget to "fall back" an hour at 2 a.m. Sunday as daylight saving time ends.

What Killed Michael Brown? It's Not What You've Been Told
By Rob Bluey

A new film questions the prevailing narrative of the news media, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and left-wing activists who exploited the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri.
Shut Down DC Targets Conservative Organizations as 'Trump Boosters'
By Rachel del Guidice

The group's interactive map lists as "Trump boosters" a range of 27 organizations, including The Heritage Foundation, parent of The Daily Signal.
Hunter Biden's Former Partner Says FBI Interviewed Him for 5 Hours About Bidens, Chinese Business Deal
By Chuck Ross

Tony Bobulinski, former business partner to Hunter Biden, says FBI agents questioned him about dealings with the former vice president's son in a proposed joint venture with a Chinese energy company.
On Asian Tour, Pompeo and Esper Press for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific
By Jeff Smith

U.S. officials sought to elevate strategic and economic ties, and garner support for America's vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific.
The Girl Scouts Don't Actually Support Women Anymore
By Nicole Russell

After receiving predictable social media retaliation, the Girl Scouts delete a tweet congratulating Amy Coney Barrett and post two groveling apologies masked as explanations.
Over 30 Illegal Immigrants in Texas Who 'Threaten Public Safety' Arrested in 1 Week
By Kaylee Greenlee

A five-day operation in South Texas results in over 30 arrests of illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds who may threaten public safety, border officials announce.
What Happens When a High School Offers a Conservative Video
By Dennis Prager

In an open and liberal society, the stated aims of Maumee High School not only aren't controversial but are laudable. So, who finds these goals revolting?

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