8 States in Voting Lawsuits With Election Day Less Than a Week Away

October 29 2020

Good morning from Washington, where a Senate panel hears from the CEOS of Facebook, Twitter, and Google on why it's OK for them to suppress news and information. Fred Lucas has big moments. Election Day is coming and eight states are enmeshed in related lawsuits, Hans von Spakovsky and Zack Smith write. On the podcast, counterterrorism expert Robin Simcox confronts an Islamist's beheading of a teacher in France. Plus: our video report on a riot-ruined auto dealership's insurance problem, and, on "Problematic Women," countering progressive pipe dreams. On this date in 1901, assassin Leon Czolgosz, who fatally shot President William McKinley the month before, is executed in the electric chair in a New York prison.

8 States in Voting Lawsuits With Election Day Less Than a Week Away
By Zack Smith

Some are still trying to change the rules in the middle of the election that would make it easier to commit fraud and to manipulate election results.
Kenosha Auto Dealer Says Insurer Won't Cover Riot Damage
By Virginia Allen

Two months ago, rioters torched the Car Source automobile dealership in Kenosha, Wisconsin, leaving behind a small sea of charred vehicles.
4 Big Takeaways From Senate Hearing on Tech Bias
By Fred Lucas

"Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the American people are allowed to hear?" Sen. Ted Cruz said to Twitter's head.
Problematic Women: Left's Woke Education and Social Policies Are Scary
By Virginia Allen

Allison Weisenberger, a mom and Californian, discuss government overreach in her state, including bans on trick-or-treating amid the pandemic.
Beheading in France by Islamist Requires Fierce Pushback for Free Speech
By Rachel del Guidice

"It's a clear act of terrorism," says Robin Simcox of the beheading of a teacher in France. "It's an attempt to bring about political change essentially by cowing a certain part of the civilian population."
Meet Marilyn Mosby, the Rogue Prosecutor Wreaking Havoc in Baltimore
By Cully Stimson

When financier George Soros decided in 2014 to spend millions to fund the election of rogue prosecutors, one of his first candidates was Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore.

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