What This Leading Conservative Has to Say About Social Media's Censorship

October 20 2020
Good morning from Washington, where the left want to "reimagine" health care as well as policing. These ideas would put a strong system on the critical list, four Heritage Foundation health policy experts write. On the podcast, media watchdog Brent Bozell skewers upstart Twitter's suppression of reporting by the nation's oldest newspaper. Plus: a federal judge flirts with election interference; China meets U.S. resistance to its 5G tech; and a civil rights pioneer who rejected a woke theory on race. On this date in 1962, while the White House press corps thinks he is in bed fighting a cold, President John F. Kennedy meets secretly with advisers on the eve of ordering a blockade of Cuba.
'Tech Companies Have the Power to Decide Who Will and Who Won't Be the President,' Warns Brent Bozell
By Rob Bluey

"Facebook and Twitter … since the start of the campaign have banned Trump material 65 times. Guess how many times they've banned Biden material? … Not once," says the Media Research Center founder and...
Why the Left's 'Cure' for Health Care Woes Is Far Worse Than the Malady
By Robert Moffit

The proposed national health insurance apparatus will create an unprecedented level of bureaucratic micromanagement.
For Now, Florida Judge Stays in Proper Lane on Elections
By Zack Smith

If the Supreme Court repeatedly has said that federal courts shouldn't interfere close to an election, isn't that guidance worth judges' paying attention to?
The Trump Administration Is Countering the Spread of China's Untrustworthy 5G Networks. USAID Is Leading the Charge.
By Bonnie Glick

Malign actors like the Chinese Communist Party threaten the digital superhighway that hosts trillions of dollars in global commerce and massive amounts of government and private data.
A Tale of 2 Campgrounds and Government's Unhappy Campers
By John Stossel

The owner of Maurice's Campground tries harder, and because of that, he serves many more campers than the taxpayer-subsidized camp.
The Civil Rights Legend Who Opposed Critical Race Theory
By Steve Klinsky

One of the last and greatest civil rights leaders of our time—and one of Martin Luther King Jr.'s closest friends and advisers—did understand critical race theory, and explicitly rejected it.

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