It is especially important this year

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Happy Independence Day from all of us here at The Heritage Foundation! I pray yours is a day filled with the joy of family and friends, mouth-watering food, and fantastic fireworks displays – all in honor of the legacy of liberty we share as Americans.

It is especially important this year that we celebrate boldly and without apology. Every festivity, every heartfelt expression of thankfulness and patriotism, is one more stand against the false leftist narrative that we should be ashamed of being Americans. This narrative is poison to our nation's soul.

So I hope you'll join me in celebrating this great nation of ours by participating in the #ProudAmerican campaign today. It's a campaign created by Heritage and our friends at Heritage Action for America to help Americans remind one another, in person and via social media, why we should all be proud to be Americans.

Wherever you are this Independence Day, I challenge you to remind your friends and family, your neighbors, and the community at large why you are proud to be an American, and why they should be proud, too. The #ProudAmerican website offers several creative and effective ways to do this. Together, we can make the truth of our American heritage resound in every corner of this nation!

Today, let's celebrate both our nation's hard won independence, and our freedom to reject any lie that would have us forget what a gift it is to be a citizen of this beautiful country.

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Watch here: Why I'm a #ProudAmerican

May God bless you and all Americans on this special day.

All the best,

Kay C. James
Heritage Foundation President

The Heritage Foundation

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