6 Big Takeaways From Attorney General Barr's Capitol Hill Testimony

Jul 29, 2020

Good morning from Washington, where Attorney General William Barr stands his ground as House liberals blame the Trump administration for mob violence. Fred Lucas reports. Florida is getting a bum rap on COVID-19, Doug Badger writes. On the podcast, Heritage Foundation scholar Mike Gonzalez blows the whistle on identity politics, the subject of his new book. Plus: the growing case against voting by mail; more on the rise of "pandemic pods" to teach our kids; and blaming racism for the crisis in black America. On this date in 1958, Congress passes legislation creating the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, a civilian agency in charge of America's exploration of space.

By Fred Lucas

"In the wake of George Floyd's death, violent rioters and anarchists have hijacked legitimate protests to wreak senseless havoc and destruction on innocent victims," says Attorney General William Barr of violence in Portland and other cities.
By Rachel del Guidice

"Marxism is a theory that sees all of life as being a question of group dynamics, of the oppressed and the oppressor. And this is exactly what identity politics is all about," says The Heritage Foundation's Mike Gonzalez.
By Doug Badger

Ignore the media narrative. Florida's COVID-19 mortalities per million residents remain below the national average, significantly below death rates in New York state (including New York City), New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.
By Lindsey Burke

The rise of "pandemic pods" over the past two weeks in response to public school shutdowns is a real-time, large-scale demonstration of community responsiveness in a crisis.
By Hans von Spakovsky

An unprecedented number of lawsuits have been filed by the radical left (at last count over 150) trying to use the COVID-19 health crisis as an excuse to nullify state requirements such as voter ID laws.
By Walter E. Williams

Problems such as grossly poor education, economic stagnation, and poverty impact the black community heavily. I would like someone to explain how tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, and Confederate generals helps the black cause.
By Tony Perkins

"[I] just can't get on board with a couple things I've read about Black Lives Matter. How they lean towards Marxism and … they said some negative things about the nuclear family," says the San Francisco Giants' Sam Coonrod.

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