diogeneslight.com's impact on LGBTQ-owned small businesses

Hey there,
My name is Adam and I am reaching out on behalf of Finimpact.

Supporting LGBTQ-owned small businesses is especially important in the current situation. With COVID-19 and the BlackLivesMatter movements, it's time to turn attention to all of the underprivileged groups and to generate a better world at large (!).

I was digging around for information about the current situation and came across your page: https://www.diogeneslight.com/2013/06/clintons-praise-supreme-court-reversal.html
(Really great information and tips, I didn’t even know about some of them).

If you’re interested, we just wrote a list of ways/tips to support and help LGBTQ-owned small businesses:

Would you consider adding this guide to your page as an additional resource/information? It would be a tremendous help! :)

Either way, keep up the great work and stay safe! 🌈

Adam Gintzburg

If you're not interested and don't want me to bug you again please do let me know as well :)


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