VOIL Holding Strong as Shorts Scramble to Cover Exposure

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As you know, investing in over-the-counter stocks carries a lot of risk, but the rewards can be exceptional. And although National Review hasn't researched and cannot assess the following information, we do hope it will act as a useful tool when exploring your investment options. National Review always recommends you conduct your own due diligence before entering into any type of financial investment.

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Tiny, undiscovered
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  oil rigs
"This undervalued stock just confirmed a low-end resource
estimate of
$44.05 Per Share* in Recoverable Oil!"

Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL may have just beat a group of Industry Titans to the punch on what could prove to be a Major U.S. Oil-Find – Parowan Project, Utah!
Virtus just released an independent property assessment by renowned oil and gas consulting firm Gustavson Associates confirming a Low-end resource estimate of
266 MILLION Barrels of Oil!
Even at just 10% of that Low-end resource estimate, Virtus is looking at a prospective oil resource of 26.6 Million Barrels valued at over $2 BILLION or $44.05 Per VOIL Share!

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Dear Fellow Profit-Seeker,

My name is Charles Moskowitz, editor of The Moskowitz Report, and I'm only interested in one thing: Bringing YOU exclusive, undiscovered stock situations that can make you independently wealthy.

Just like I did with Osiris +2,000% gains and Cheniere Energy +980% gains - among many others

I have a proven knack for uncovering ten-bagger stocks early and often leaving Wall Street's self-proclaimed "experts" wondering just how I do it.

It all comes down to my exhaustive, independent research, which has once again uncovered a true profit-gem in Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL!

$44.05 PER SHARE

in potential resource value and did I mention Virtus
is currently trading below $2 per share???

Translation: Virtus Oil & Gas has every indicator of joining my distinguished list of tenbagger stocks. You need to jump on this one immediately!

To maximize your VOIL profits:

FIRST, read my full report on Virtus Oil & Gas. NEXT, call your broker or go online and establish your early VOIL position below $2 quickly before it spikes higher. THEN, sit back and enjoy the profit-ride as this U.S. oil-bonanza goes into full-blown overdrive!

VOIL could quickly TRIPLE
On this BREAKOUT News!

When Virtus's management team pulled off what I describe as the miracle acquisition of the 55,477 acre Parowan Prospect - I immediately elevated VOIL as my Top Energy-Pick of 2014.

In fact, every time I look at the chart, I still can't believe I have this golden opportunity to get my loyal audience members into Virtus at true seed-level prices below $2.00 per share. The near-term potential is truly amazing – and best of all, YOU are hearing about it first!

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In my opinion, VOIL should already be trading multiples above its current price range.

With a low-end – and I repeat LOW-END resource estimate of 266 Million barrels in the heart of a major developing area-play right here on American soil I believe my early identification of Virtus's incredible upside will cement my legacy as a legendary stock picker.

utah oil rush is on

All you need to do is jump on Virtus early and low!
In my full Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL report, I'll show you:
3 points yellow table

Proven Profit-Point: In the world of speculative investing, fortunes are made by being early to the game. RIGHT NOW is that crucial moment in your lifetime where you step up to the plate and secure an early position in VOIL before the pending payoff!

Click below for my full report on Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL. My promise to you as a fellow stock speculator there are no gimmicks here and you can keep your credit card in your wallet. Your report pops up the moment you go here.

read full report To your future wealth,
charles moskowitz
Charles Moskowitz, Editor
The Moskowitz Report


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