Wasteful Government Spending Adds Up, and All of Us Pay the Price


Plus: Why Is America Subsidizing College Extremism?
May 8 2024
Wasteful Government Spending Adds Up, and All of Us Pay the Price
By David Ditch

From $45 million for "diversity and inclusion" scholarships in Burma to $3 million for "girl-centered climate action" in Brazil, excessive U.S. government spending is a big reason inflation continues.
Why Is America Subsidizing College Extremism?
By David Harsanyi

Almost every student loan is funded or fully guaranteed by taxpayers. While that allows every student a chance at higher education, it is financing the creation of hordes of indoctrinated nitwits.
FBI Should Uncover Who Organized, Funded Radical Student Encampments
By Mike Gonzalez

If the FBI has time to spare after harassing mothers at school board meetings, it may want to look into the groups funding the pro-Hamas protesters at universities across the country.
Biden's Gaza-Refugee Import Scheme Deserves Drone Strike
By Deroy Murdock

President Biden wants to import "refugees" from the Gaza Strip. The refugee designation offers beneficiaries permanent residency, benefits like housing assistance, and a path to citizenship.
ICYMI: Nightmares at Chicago Universities Set Stage for Nuclear Democrat Convention
By Tony Kinnett

Joe Iosbaker, a leader of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, tells a screaming crowd: "This is Chicago, [expletive] it, we've got to give them a 1968 kind of welcome!"

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