The Ideological Roots of the Open Borders Push: The BorderLine

May 10 2024
The Ideological Roots of the Open Borders Push: The BorderLine
By Simon Hankinson

The most dangerous driver behind Biden's open borders is ideological—what activists call "abolition."
A Bill to Ensure Fair Representation for American Citizens
By Hans von Spakovsky

The House of Representatives moves to mandate a citizenship question on the census form and that the government count only citizens in apportioning representation.
Catholics Should Be Wary of These Media Traps During Election Season
By Mary Margaret Olohan

It is a truth universally acknowledged that pretty much no one trusts "the news" anymore.
Stories of Young People Whose Bodies Were Sacrificed on Altar of 'Gender Ideology Cult'
By Virginia Allen

Mary Margaret Olohan's new book "Detrans: True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult," shares the stories of detransitioners, people who once identified as transgender but later had regrets.
Who Will Tell Her Story?
By Shea Bradley-Farrell

No one wants to talk about the "broken young women" who—having paid thousands of dollars to the cartels—must comply "with anything" to be trafficked across the border.
Biden's Climate Policies Playing Into Hands of China's Energy Schemes, Experts Say
By Kevin Mooney

China operates in a "predatory" manner to make America more reliant on supply chains arising from climate initiatives that play into the hands of hostile foreign actors, experts say.
DC Prosecutor Matt Graves Fails to Punish Gun Crimes, So We Just Filed These FOIA Questions
By Cully Stimson, Zack Smith

Matthew Graves, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, doesn't take gun crimes seriously. The result has been more murder, mayhem, and carnage across the nation's capital.
ICYMI: Here's What Biden Admin Apologists Aren't Telling You About the Jobless Rate
By EJ Antoni

Americans aren't happy with the economy, but Biden apologists point to the low unemployment rate to mollify them. But the real unemployment rate is higher than the official figures.

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