Is the End Near? Victor Davis Hanson Ponders Threat of Extinction

May 7 2024
Is the End Near? Victor Davis Hanson Ponders Threat of Extinction
By Rob Bluey

The historian investigates why certain civilizations were "completely wiped out" and what the past has in common with our modern day.
EXCLUSIVE: Secret Service Investigated Twitter User's Apparent Joke as 'Unusual Interest' in Biden Family
By Colin Aamot

One of the man's posts suggested, apparently jokingly, that he planned to "invade the White House and get pics of Biden in his 'Depends,'" referring to a brand of adult diaper.
EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Roger Marshall Prescribes Solutions for Congress' Budget Woes
By Rob Bluey

The Kansas Republican spoke exclusively with The Daily Signal following a meeting with his GOP colleagues seeking solutions to end the cycle of emergency spending requests and massive omnibus legislation.
Former Biden DOJ Official Prosecuting Trump Received Thousands of Dollars From DN
By Jason Cohen

Matthew Colangelore ceived $12,000 from the Democratic National Committee for "political consulting" in two payments of $6,000 on Jan. 31, 2018, FEC records show.
Do Trump's Words on These Contenders Hint at His VP Pick?
By Fred Lucas

As the veepstakes speculation grows, Donald Trump has had plenty to say about the group of contenders for the second spot on the ticket.
Letting the Mob Win, Columbia University Cancels Commencement Ceremony
By Jarrett Stepman

The message sent by canceling commencement is that the mob gets its way in the end—at least when it acts on behalf of an ideology favored by the regime.
ICYMI: Judge Blocks Suspensions of Middle School Female Athletes Who Refused to Compete Against Male Student
By Kate Anderson

Granting a preliminary injunction, the judge allows the girls to compete while a lawsuit proceeds despite being banned by a school district for refusing to play against a boy.

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