Help defend your patriotic values today

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Leftist elites despise patriotism.

They feel more affinity with foreign elites at the World Economic Forum than they do with their fellow American citizens.

They don't believe in borders (unless it's the borders of their private estates) and love that millions of illegal immigrants are flooding our country.

And they believe our Constitution and our founding principles are outdated and racist and should be replaced with Marxist doctrines.

But they don't represent you, Fellow Patriot.

You believe in borders. You believe in our founding principles. And you want America to remain America – not a servant to these Leftist elites' global ambitions.

But if we want to stop the Left from eliminating our American way of life, we must remove their most powerful tool – the deep state.

Through the deep state, unelected leftist bureaucrats push anti-American policies that open our borders, increase crime, and raise prices on regular Americans.

You can dismantle the deep state by joining the Heritage Foundation Leaders Club using this secure link:

We need 250 courageous Americans to step up to the plate and join us during this urgent membership drive. Will you be one of those courageous Americans?

Your monthly contribution will fuel our Project 2025 initiative.

Through Project 2025, you will:

  • Create conservative policy solutions grounded in our founding principles.
  • Train thousands of patriots to serve in the next presidential administration.
  • Replace the deep state's leftist bureaucrats with these patriots so they can enact pro-America policies.

Please support Project 2025 today by joining the Heritage Foundation Leaders Club using the secure link below before the May 23 deadline.

If you make a monthly gift of $10 or more before the deadline, we will send you a pocket U.S. Constitution.

Together, we will dismantle the deep state and restore the America our Founding Fathers created.


Kevin D. Roberts, Ph.D.
President, The Heritage Foundation

P.S. Defend your patriotic principles today by joining the Heritage Foundation Leaders Club before the deadline using this secure link:

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