Fiery Exchanges Between Congressmen and Superintendents Fill Antisemitism Hearing

May 9 2024
Fiery Exchanges Between Congressmen and Superintendents Fill Antisemitism Hearing
By Tony Kinnett, Tyler O'Neil

Incidents at K-12 schools include students repeatedly hearing antisemitic comments, such as "Kill the Jews," and Jewish students being derided for physical appearance and demonized as evil.
House Passes Bill to Restore Citizenship Question to Census
By Rob Bluey, Fred Lucas

The House passed a bill yesterday that would protect Americans' electoral power and congressional representation by ensuring foreign citizens aren't counted in the census.
Greene's Gambit Fails: Speaker Johnson Survives High-Stakes House Vote
By Rob Bluey

Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., can breathe a little easier now that more than 80% of his House colleagues put an end to the latest drama gripping Capitol Hill.
Roy, Lee Introduce Bill to Require Citizenship Proof to Vote
By Fred Lucas

Pointing to the combination of an open border and declining confidence in elections, congressional Republicans back legislation to require proof of citizenship to register to vote.
NPR's CEO Is a No-Show at Hearing Looking Into Bias at Taxpayer-Funded Network
By Jarrett Stepman

A House committee examines the left-wing bias at National Public Radio after a longtime editor detailed its bias and lack of quality journalism. Telling: NPR's CEO didn't bother to show up.
'SNL' Gets It Right With Pro-Palestine Protest Sketch
By Virginia Allen, Kristen Eichamer, Lauren Evans

In an "SNL" sketch, a father is told he may not see his daughter graduate because of campus protests and exclaims: "If she don't walk, Columbia's gonna be on the news for something else!"
She Spoke Out in Defense of China's Uyghurs, Then China Abducted Her Sister
By Virginia Allen

Rushan Abbas, a Muslim Uyghur living in America, spoke out about China's persecution of Uyghurs. Six days later, the Chinese government arrested her sister.
How the Left Tried to Use Stormy Daniels to Impeach Trump
By Fred Lucas

An excerpt from the book "Abuse of Power" details the origins of the Left's legal warfare against Donald Trump, including its strategy to use porn star Stormy Daniels to help take him down.

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