DOJ’s Kristen Clarke Asked Ex-Husband to Say She Wasn’t an Abuser During Confirmation Process, Ex Alleges

May 14 2024
DOJ's Kristen Clarke Asked Ex-Husband to Say She Wasn't an Abuser During Confirmation Process, Ex Alleges
By Mary Margaret Olohan

DOJ official Kristen Clarke, whose ex-husband says she was arrested after allegedly stabbing him in 2006, asks him to send her publicist a statement saying she "was not an abuser in our relationship."
EXCLUSIVE: Here's Where This Blue State Could Be a National Model for Election Integrity
By Fred Lucas

Boston—though often viewed as a liberal bastion—could serve as a national model on one aspect of election integrity. The city regularly removes noncitizens from its voter registration lists.
He Prayed With 12 Presidents. Now, He's Finally Getting a Statue in the Capitol.
By Tyler O'Neil

North Carolina will retire the statue of segregationist Gov. Charles Brantley Aycock, a Democrat, from the U.S. Capitol's Statuary Hall and replace it with one of evangelist Billy Graham.
SOCIETAL ROT, Part 1: Businesses Destroyed by Rampant Crime
By Cully Stimson

With dozens of store closures around San Francisco's Union Square and the dangerous conditions caused by open drug use and mentally ill people living on the streets, fewer travel downtown.
'Bully Organization': FFRF Forces Florida Elementary School to Disband Christian Club
By Abigail Olsson

An elementary school in Florida is forced to disband its Fellowship of Christian Athletes club after the Freedom From Religion Foundation accuses it of indoctrinating children.
Russian Troops Make Major Gains After Congress, Biden Greenlight Aid Package to Ukraine
By Nick Pope

In three days, Russia captures more square miles per day than it has at nearly any point of the Russia-Ukraine war, just weeks after Congress approves $61 billion more in Ukrainian military aid.
Bloodlust: The Left's Politicization of Secret Service Protection
By Peter Parisi

The Biden administration continues to deny Secret Service protection to presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Now, a Democratic congressman proposes to strip Donald Trump of his protective detail.

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