Democrat U.S. Congressman Enrique Roberto “Henry” Cuellar, 💸🤑allegedly accepted approximately $600,000 in bribes from two foreign entities:

U.S. Congressman Enrique Roberto “Henry” Cuellar, along with his wife, Imelda Cuellar, both from Laredo, Texas, have been charged with participating in two schemes involving bribery, unlawful foreign influence, and money laundering1. According to court documents, they allegedly accepted approximately $600,000 in bribes from two foreign entities:

  1. Azerbaijani Oil and Gas Company: Congressman Cuellar is accused of accepting bribes from an oil and gas company wholly owned and controlled by the Government of Azerbaijan. In exchange for these bribes, he allegedly agreed to use his office to influence U.S. foreign policy in favor of Azerbaijan.

  2. Mexican Bank: The Cuellars are also accused of accepting bribes from a bank headquartered in Mexico City. In exchange for these bribes, Congressman Cuellar allegedly agreed to influence legislative activity and advise high-ranking U.S. Executive Branch officials regarding measures beneficial to the bank.

The bribe payments were allegedly laundered through sham consulting contracts, using a series of front companies and middlemen into shell companies owned by Imelda Cuellar. Imelda performed little to no legitimate work under these contracts1.

If convicted, Congressman Cuellar and Imelda Cuellar could face significant penalties, including prison time1The charges against them include conspiracy to commit bribery, bribery of a federal official, conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud, violating the ban on public officials acting as agents of a foreign principal, conspiracy to commit concealment money laundering, and money laundering1.

This case highlights the importance of maintaining transparency and integrity in public office. The legal process will determine the outcome, but allegations of bribery and corruption are serious matters that warrant thorough investigation and accountability23.


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