Biden’s Bailing Out Hamas Supporters


Fellow Conservative,

We've all watched as college students across the country have staged protests in support of Hamas and against the state of Israel. They have destroyed property, disrupted classes, and committed acts of violence. Over 1,600 arrests have been made at 33 colleges and universities in 23 states.

Yet President Joe Biden wants to financially bail them out by "canceling" their student debt. But we at Heritage Action, the political arm of The Heritage Foundation, have a way that you can fight back.

The demonstrations morphed into anti-American protests as students across the country tore down American flags and replaced them with the flag of Palestine or vandalized the statues of America's Founding Fathers.

Many campuses were reluctant to condemn such protests or take action to restore order and therefore enabled these displays of antisemitism.

At the same time, the Biden administration has proposed to bail out these students and campuses by transferring $150 billion of student loan debt onto the backs of taxpayers.

Paying off students' debt with taxpayer dollars is already wrong. It's made worse when so many students and administrations who would receive this bailout have demonstrated visceral anti-American and antisemitic attitudes.

>>>Stop Biden's Rule HERE<<<

Biden's Bailout 3 - 600pxls.jpg

Public comments are the most effective way to disrupt the administrative state and make your voice heard. If you don't want to pay for someone else's loan, then SUBMIT A COMMENT HERE.

The deadline to oppose is Friday, May 17. After Friday you will not be able to submit a comment, so don't wait.

To make it easy, Heritage Action has already written an editable draft comment for you. Personalized comments go a long way to show how opposed you are to this regulation.

Thank you for your efforts.


Janae Stracke
Vice President of Outreach and Advocacy
Heritage Action for America



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