3 Federal Lawsuits, Dropping Simultaneously, Challenge Education Department’s New Title IX Rule

May 1 2024
Well, That Was Fast: 3 Federal Lawsuits, Dropping Simultaneously, Challenge Education Department's New Title IX Rule
By Sarah Parshall Perry

The ink is barely dry on the Education Department's vast rewrite of federal law allowing men who think they're women to use women's locker rooms and compete in women's sports before three separate lawsuits...
Here's How Green Groups Get Their Agendas Implemented in the Administrative State, Bypassing Congress
By Tyler O'Neil

Well-funded radical environmental groups such as the Sierra Club have wielded huge influence over a willing Biden administration to restrict U.S. oil and gas development and a secure energy future for America.
Texas Lawmaker Reminds GOP of Madison's Words About Power of the Purse
By Fred Lucas

Rep. Chip Roy takes issue with fellow Republican lawmakers and their unwillingness to fight to control federal spending. "Stop making excuses," he says.
EXCLUSIVE: CDC Must Provide Transparency on Troubling IVF Practices, Congressman Says
By Mary Margaret Olohan

In the in vitro fertilization industry, excess embryos are treated as if they aren't human beings. They are grafted with animal embryos, experimented upon, or discarded because they are the "wrong" sex.
'Economic Suicide': Biden Admin Justifies Tax Hike Based on Racial Criteria
By Will Kessler

The administration's analysis of its revenue proposals argues that targeted tax hikes that disproportionately affect white people would ease racial wealth inequality.
Where Are the Executive Actions to Secure the Border? A Look Back at 9/11
By Steven Sund

After 9/11, President George W. Bush signed a directive codifying federal cooperation with state and local agencies to help prevent threats to our country. Yet today, that cooperation doesn't exist when...
Senator Says We Should Not Spend 'Any Money Outside of This Country' Until This Domestic Issue Is Addressed
By Virginia Allen

Sen. Roger Marshall was one of only 15 Republican senators who voted against sending an additional $60 billion to Ukraine for its war against Russia, reasoning, "Until we secure the border, I don't think...
ICYMI: Justice Department Rule on Crime Compensation Exceeds Its Authority, States Say
By Cully Stimson

Joe Biden's DOJ wants to give compensation that normally goes to crime victims to criminals and illegal aliens.
ICYMI: DOJ's Kristen Clarke Testified She Was Never Arrested. Court Records and Text Messages Indicate She Was.
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Before becoming one of the Justice Department's top leaders, Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke was allegedly involved in a violent domestic dispute—an incident that ended in her arrest.

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