Tractor Supply slashes its DEI and climate goals‼️

That video must have gotten the attention of Tractor Supply’s management?

My question, “Is Tractor Supply going to can the Village Idiots who came up with this dim-witted idea?”

If heads do not roll, the Village Idiots will repeat something as stupid or even more stupid in the future.

As would be expected, NPR “Nazi Public Radio” an arm of the DNC, is blaming it all on the conservatives. NPR should be applauded for telling the truth, once. Conservatives aren’t operating from a hate position, but from a patriotic position in an effort to save a nation?

3 days ago Tractor Supply slashes its DEI and climate goals after a right-wing pressure campaign. June 28, 2024 4:44 PM ET. By . Rachel Treisman A Tractor Supply Company store pictured in Pittsburgh in 2023 ...



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