Top 5 Things the Left Gets Wrong About Project 2025

July 4 2024
Top 5 Things the Left Gets Wrong About Project 2025
By Evan Maguire

Project 2025, spearheaded by The Heritage Foundation, seeks to restore democracy, to loosen it from the grip of the political elites in Washington, D.C.
Were the Founders Deist? Here's One Sure-Fire Piece of Evidence Against That Idea
By Tyler O'Neil

The Declaration of Independence's references to God matter for two reasons.
Rising Trend of Classical Education Offers Hope for Civic Renewal
By Jason Bedrick

A free people requires an education in the civic knowledge and virtues necessary to preserve liberty.
Va. Lawmaker Good to Seek Recount in Narrow GOP Primary Loss
By Rebeka Zeljko

The Virginia Board of Elections certified the election results, with state Sen. John McGuire beating Rep. Bob Good by roughly 375 votes.
July 4th: Celebrating a Nation Founded on Protecting Freedom, Wealth of Its People
By Richard Stern

Wealth is, ultimately, impossible without the work of innovators and entrepreneurs to generate prosperity for the rest of society.
Jack Smith and Fani Willis Have 'Little Left' to Throw at Trump After Immunity Ruling
By Katelynn Richardson

Heritage Foundation legal expert John Malcolm says it is "very unclear" whether any viable charges "remain against [former President] Trump in either D.C. or Atlanta."
Supreme Court Gives Ominous Forecast for State Laws Regulating Social Media
By Jack Fitzhenry

What appears to be a procedural ruling in fact has significant import for the future of open public discourse.
Yes, America Is Exceptional. Happy 4th of July!: The BorderLine
By Simon Hankinson

I came to America in 1975. Attending first grade that autumn in New Jersey, I quickly had to learn what my new country was all about.
ICYMI: 'OBLIVIOUS TO EVERYTHING AROUND HIM': Foreign Affairs Committee Members Sound Alarm Over Biden's Mental Collapse
By Tony Kinnett

"The world is already on fire and his debate performance only made it worse," says House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul.

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