The Left’s Freak-Out Over Project 2025 Means ‘We’re Right Over the Target,’ Heritage Chief Says

July 9 2024
The Left's Freak-Out Over Project 2025 Means 'We're Right Over the Target,' Heritage Chief Says
By Tony Kinnett

Amid panic over Joe Biden's mental decline, leftist pundits are pushing Heritage's Project 2025 to the front of their messaging, claiming it's a secret plot to turn America into a "fascist state."
'It's Going to Be Catastrophic': Why the Next Pandemic Will Be Worse Than COVID
By Rob Bluey

Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is warning Americans to prepare for the next pandemic.
Another Federal Court Rules Against Teen's 'Only 2 Genders' T-Shirt
By Sarah Parshall Perry, Catherine Schumacher

Once again, a Massachusetts middle schooler is silenced for wearing a T-shirt expressing what he believes to be a statement of fact: There are only two genders.
Washington Republicans 'Failed' Americans, Heritage Foundation President Says
By Hudson Crozier

"For three decades, progressive extremists captured almost every institutional power center in America, and the GOP went along with it in exchange for lower tax rates and higher defense budgets."
Watchdog Joins Stefanik, Tenney to Challenge New York's Mail-In Voting Law
By Fred Lucas

After New Yorkers defeat a proposal to have ballots automatically mailed to every voter, the Democrat-controlled state Legislature passes a bill allowing universal voting-by-mail anyway.
'Pro-American Agenda': RNC Unveils 2024 GOP Platform
By Mary Margaret Olohan

The RNC's Platform Committee adopts former President Trump's 2024 platform, which "stands in stark contrast to the record of weakness, failure, and dishonesty created by Joe Biden."
Draft Republican Platform Softens Stance on Abortion
By Mary Margaret Olohan

Republicans' 2024 platform no longer calls for federal protections for the unborn but instead suggests the matter is left up to the states.
Sanctuary Cities Overwhelmed, Kick Illegal Immigrants Out of Shelters
By Jason Hopkins

Democrat mayors who initially advertised their cities as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants are scaling back shelter programs as they grapple with reality: mounting costs and community backlash.
ICYMI: 'No More Souters'—Strategies for Conservative Success on Judicial Nominees
By Josh Hammer

Conservatives and the rule of law continue to suffer frequent defeats at the Supreme Court because of the wobbliness of a few justices we thought would act like conservatives on the bench.

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