‘No More Souters’: Strategies for Conservative Success on Judicial Nominees

Plus: University Study: 'Vast DEI Bureaucracy' Negatively Impacting US Armed Forces
July 8 2024
'No More Souters': Strategies for Conservative Success on Judicial Nominees
By Josh Hammer

Conservatives and the rule of law continue to suffer frequent defeats at the Supreme Court because of the wobbliness of a few justices we thought would act like conservatives on the bench.
University Study: 'Vast DEI Bureaucracy' Negatively Impacting US Armed Forces
By Cameron Arcand

The massive military DEI bureaucracy at best wastes time and resources; at worst, it communicates the opposite of the military ethos: Demographic differences come before team and mission.
House Set to Move on Bill to Stop Noncitizen Voting
By Fred Lucas

With more than 10 million illegal aliens entering the country since Joe Biden took office, the House is set this week to take up the SAVE Act, which would compel proof of citizenship before voting.
Standing Up Against Biden Administration's Weaponization of Justice System
By Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Several Republican senators pledge to not be complicit in appointing left-wing activist federal judges and prosecutors by refusing to fast-track Biden's nominees between now and Election Day.
ICYMI: California Courts 'Sealed My Case to Hide Their Corruption' as Ex-Wife Seeks 'to Castrate My Son,' Father Warns
By Tyler O'Neil

A Texas father is fighting in court to prevent his ex-wife from subjecting their son to experimental transgender medical interventions after she moved to California.
ICYMI: Biden Takes Defiant Stance Amid Calls for Him to Step Aside
By Tony Kinnett

President Joe Biden addresses the calls for him to step aside in the 2024 presidential election. He tells Democrats in Congress that he will not do so, citing his primary victories.

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