McKinsey Study That Spawned Corporate DEI Programs Unravels

July 6 2024
McKinsey Study That Spawned Corporate DEI Programs Unravels
By Jarrett Stepman

The original pro-business justification has turned out to be a scam.
The Media Lied to You
By Josh Hammer

For years, Democrats and the corporate media lied through their teeth about the blatant decline of the president's physical and mental faculties.
Supreme Court's Murthy v. Missouri Ruling: A Blow to Free Speech Protections
By Philip Hamburger

The court's disgraceful reasoning suggests that when the government censors a vast number of Americans, we lose our right of redress.
Dems' Civil War Over Housing Comes to Head After San Francisco Forced to Allow More Construction
By Robert Schmad

California had required San Francisco to authorize 82,000 new housing units between 2023 and 2031, though the city only approved 3,039 units in the past 18 months.
Are Soft-on-Crime Policies Jacking Up Car Insurance Premiums?
By Caden Wolf, Miles Pollard

Over the past two years, auto insurance prices have surged by an average of 27% nationally.
You Can Challenge Old Regulations Before the Government Sues You, Justices Rule
By Seth Lucas, Jack Fitzhenry

Certain that bureaucrats know best, the modern administrative state has long labored to snuff out challenges to its actions.
The Media Skipped the Democrat Warning of Biden's Mental Decline
By Tim Graham

The Democrats and all their "mainstream" media enablers who claim they love democracy didn't want any serious or rigorous primary challenge for Biden.
ICYMI: Democrats Who Shout About 'Democracy' Might Want to Consider This Before Replacing Biden on the Ticket
By Deroy Murdock

Those pushing President Joe Biden to scupper his reelection bid have no respect for the Americans who awarded him the Democrat nomination.

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