FACT CHECK: Does Project 2025 ‘Terminate the Constitution’?

July 10 2024
FACT CHECK: Does Project 2025 'Terminate the Constitution'?
By Tyler O'Neil

The Biden campaign launches a website to attack The Heritage Foundation's Project 2025 and scaremonger with baseless claims about it, including that it will toss out the Constitution.
House GOP Faces Down Biden Veto Threat on Halting Noncitizen Voting
By Fred Lucas

The GOP-led House is poised to vote today to ensure that only U.S. citizens may vote in federal elections, despite a veto threat from President Joe Biden.
'Christian Nationalism Founded American Democracy': Read Sen. Josh Hawley's Full Remarks at NatCon
By Daily Signal Staff

While Roman nationalism led to bloody conquest and European nativism in the last two centuries led to genocide, Christian nationalism gave us liberty and popular sovereignty, says Hawley.
US to Scrap Biden's Problem-Ridden Gaza Pier for Good
By Jake Smith

Joe Biden's $230 million Gaza aid pier is being permanently dismantled, marking a final blow to his failed signature aid plan for the region during the Israel-Hamas war.
Heritage Chief's 3 Possible Solutions to Weaponization of Government
By Fred Lucas

Solutions include Congress reasserting authority over rogue agencies like the FBI and turning off the spigot of taxpayer dollars to failed education policies by closing the Department of Education.
Biden Pledges NATO's Support for Ukraine in Tuesday Address
By Elizabeth Troutman Mitchell

The president announces a "historic donation of air defense equipment for Ukraine" at the 2024 NATO Summit and that the nation eventually will be welcomed into the NATO alliance.
'On the Right Side of History': Parents Defending Education Adviser Explains Fight to Save Title IX
By Elizabeth Troutman Mitchell

Parents are fighting Joe Biden's law change allowing males who identify as females to play in female sports and use female-only locker rooms and bathrooms in federally funded education programs.
ICYMI: Garland, Clarke, Willis Possible Targets for Conservative Lawfare
By Fred Lucas

The key to blocking political "lawfare" from the Left is lawfare from the Right. Since the administration aggressively targets conservatives, unilateral disarmament isn't an option, legal experts say.
Biden's Cognitive Issues Are Destined for Memory Hole
By J. Peder Zane

There will be no reckoning among Democrats and their media lapdogs regarding their yearslong effort to hide President Joe Biden's mental decline. No one will... Read More

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