FACT CHECK: Biden's 5 Lies About the Supreme Court's Ruling on Trump's Immunity

July 2 2024
FACT CHECK: Biden's 5 Lies About the Supreme Court's Ruling on Trump's Immunity
By Tony Kinnett

President Joe Biden gives a speech following the Supreme Court's ruling that presidents have limited immunity from prosecution. Biden falsely claims this means presidents have "virtually no limits."
A Great Day for Trump at the Supreme Court
By John G. Malcolm

The Supreme Court rules that former presidents are entitled to broad immunity from criminal prosecution after they leave office for acts committed while in office.
Why 3 Liberals Dissented From Supreme Court's Trump Immunity Ruling
By Katelynn Richardson

Justice Sonia Sotomayor writes that the majority's ruling "reshapes the institution of the presidency" and that "the president is now a king."
Stop the Ukrainian Meat Grinder?
By Victor Davis Hanson

The only practicable way to avoid another 1 million dead and wounded in Ukraine would be a settlement, however unpopular.
House Republicans Challenge Pelosi's Jan. 6 Committee in Bannon Amicus Brief
By Rob Bluey

House Republican leaders vote to file an amicus brief in Steve Bannon's case before the former Trump aide reported to prison yesterday.
Angel Studios' New Film Brings Message of Adoption, Hope to Big Screen
By Virginia Allen

Possum Trot isn't just another small Texas community near the Louisiana border, but a town that chose to live out God's command to care for the orphan.
How a New Film Studio Aims to Counter Left-Wing Hollywood
By Hudson Crozier

Christian McGuigan, founder of Sycamore Studios, describes the growing need for "good, true, and beautiful" storytelling in an interview with Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts.
Wrecking the American Dream: The Problem With Today's Economy
By Richard Stern

To restore American prosperity, we must carefully examine the most anti-competitive and most well-entrenched monopoly that exists: the government.
ICYMI: Judge Strikes Down Montana Law Clarifying There Are Only 2 Sexes
By S.A. McCarthy

A Montana judge strikes down a state law defining "sex" as either male or female, claiming that the law violates the Montana Constitution.

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