3 Republican Senators Talk Weaponization of Government

Plus: Garland, Clarke, Willis Possible Targets for Conservative Lawfare
July 9 2024
3 Republican Senators Talk Weaponization of Government
By Jarrett Stepman

"What [leftists] mean by the 'rule of law' is that they are the rule of law," says Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.
Garland, Clarke, Willis Possible Targets for Conservative Lawfare
By Fred Lucas

The key to blocking political "lawfare" from the Left is lawfare from the Right. Since the administration aggressively targets conservatives, unilateral disarmament isn't an option, legal experts say.
Time to Take Down the Pride Flags and Put 'In God We Trust' on Every Federal Building, Sen. Josh Hawley Says
By Jarrett Stepman

The West's Christian legacy has been hollowed out and for Americans to preserve our country, we must reestablish a God-centered worldview in society and institutions, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., says.
Don't Let the Department of Education Silence Our Kids
By Kimberly Hermann

In 1972, Congress—recognizing inadequacies in the law that failed to free women from certain harassment and discrimination—passed Title IX. Now, Joe Biden is gutting it.
America's Teachers Are Unhappy
By Erika Donalds

Over 80% of teachers say public education has gotten worse in the past five years, over half say it's likely to keep getting worse, and a majority wouldn't recommend their profession to others.
ICYMI: The Left's Freak-Out Over Project 2025 Means 'We're Right Over the Target,' Heritage Chief Says
By Tony Kinnett

Amid panic over Joe Biden's mental decline, leftist pundits are pushing Heritage's Project 2025 to the front of their messaging, claiming it's a secret plot to turn America into a "fascist state."
ICYMI: 'It's Going to Be Catastrophic': Why the Next Pandemic Will Be Worse Than COVID
By Rob Bluey

Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is warning Americans to prepare for the next pandemic.

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