The Left Is Calling for Mail-In Voting. Here’s Why It’s a Bad Idea.

Apr 14, 2020

Good morning from Washington, where President Trump isn't rolling over for media attacks on the timeliness of his response to the coronavirus. Fred Lucas has the latest. On the podcast, election expert Hans von Spakovsky describes the danger of voting by mail. Plus: Rep. Ted Budd on what ails the president's fiercest critics, Adam Michel on the spending trap, and Kay C. James on crucial medicine against COVID-19. On this date in 1775, in Philadelphia, Quaker educator Anthony Benezet founds the first American organization dedicated to abolishing slavery. Correction: Calamity struck Apollo 13 not 30 years ago, but 50.

By Virginia Allen

Former first lady MIchelle Obama is among those calling for increased mail-in voting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
By Rep. Ted Budd

When the president suggested that hydroxychloroquine could be helpful in treating COVID-19, sufferers from Trump derangement syndrome immediately set out to prove him wrong.
By Adam Michel

The National Governors Association recently asked Congress for a bailout of $500 billion in addition to the more than $200 billion included in the CARES Act.
By Fred Lucas

President Trump lashed out at "fake news," played a video about media coverage of the coronavirus crisis, and affirmed his support for Dr. Fauci's key role in fighting the pandemic.
By Kay C. James

Without the foundation of a strong civil society, a nation, its government, and its economy are weak and will show signs of failure when tested with things like pandemics, wars, or civil unrest.
By Jason Hopkins

While liberal lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue to push for financial assistance for illegal immigrants, Democratic-controlled cities and the largest state in the country are already doing so.

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